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Chatter on Books

Sep 28, 2021


Torie, David and Washington Post Book Critic Ron Charles kick off with best selling author Brad Meltzer, who fought the school board that vetoed his books about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. He won, by the way.

Nghi Vo joins to talk about The Chosen and the Beautiful, her resounding 21st century...

Sep 21, 2021


David, Jamie and Torie break down Bob Woodward’s new book, and Jamie gives a tutorial on what really happened with General Milley. Award winning (many times over) sports journalist Mirin Fader zooms in to talk about her best seller about Giannis Antetokounmpo, the face of the new NBA and hope for people...

Sep 15, 2021

“Be afraid.”

Coming back after the August hiatus, David and Claude join Torie to talk tennis, a potential curse on the Washington Football Team, and Dolly Parton – the goddess.  Akashic Books founder and publisher Johnny Temple zooms in to debrief on the advantages of independent publishers, musical inspiration...