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Chatter on Books

Jan 25, 2022

“How do we forgive?”

Football and festivals kick off Chatter this week. David debriefs an amazing weekend of games. Gaithersburg Mayor and Book Festival Founder Jud Ashman joins to talk year three of the Festival – in person this time we hope! Segment B is no debate – why ban books?  This time it’s in prisons....

Jan 11, 2022

“Grief is like water.”

Jamie McIntyre’s back, off the injured reserve list. The gang raves about Claude (again and appropriately). They debate words that should be banished, and Torie thanks reviewers. Journalistic icon Steve Roberts zooms in with stories from Cokie -  A Life Well Lived, his loving tribute to his...

Jan 4, 2022

“So much more than a crime story.”

Chatter kicks off 2022 with awards, fake names and a compelling novel. David, Torie and COB alum Ed Aymar rave about Claude’s Marconi Award. The group discusses the ins and outs of pseudonyms. The pop quiz is a tie! Former bar owner/criminal defense investigator/English teacher...