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Chatter on Books

Mar 21, 2023


March madness is underway with Torie, David, and returning author (and secret sports fan) Ana Reyes. Chatter welcomes its youngest author, 10 year old Manny Jennings, author of “It’s OK to be Me.” It’s an inspiring book about how he stutters and how he lives his best life every day.  COB’s...

Mar 7, 2023


Chatter rolls into March with David, Torie and Jud Ashman. Jud debriefs the 2023 Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 20 with dozens of authors and hopefully a special Chatter on Books taping. David shares his Union Station Colleen Hoover experience, and they all marvel at her staying power. Four leaders of...

Feb 28, 2023

“Disturbing and inspiring.”

Chatter wraps up February with betting, debates and a deeply provocative book. David, Torie, and Jamie revisit Super Bowl betting – the most ever – and its societal impact. They agree on the Roald Dahl censorship debate (it’s all about context). Award winning and brilliantly...

Feb 14, 2023

“Total page turner“

Chatter rolls with a Feb 14 special – sort of. David, Torie and Jamie break down the Super Bowl. All the guys say no romance in their reading history.  They cover book recommendations for Valentine’s Day, some are serious, and some are not. Best selling and creative writing teacher of older...

Feb 7, 2023


David briefs the Super Bowl. Jamie breaks down the “balloon incident.” Torie, David and Jamie play “if you liked this book on Chatter, get this one,” aka book recommendations. They fawn over COB alums Brendan Slocumb and Silas House, both finalists for the 2023 Southern Book Awards....