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Chatter on Books

Jan 25, 2023

“The fragility of life.”

Claude kicks things off with big literary news. Manny has a book! "It's Okay to Be Me!" , his uplifting story of how he doesn’t let stuttering hold him back. Jamie breaks down ChatGPT for Torie and David with real-life examples from the world of Chatter. Amita Parikh zooms in to share...

Jan 18, 2023

“Changing women’s sports for the next twenty-five years.”

Chatter rolls with David, Torie and Torie’s sister from another mother Liz Clarke. They break down “Spare” – who lets somebody put some of that in print?  Award winning Andrew Maraniss zooms in to talk about “Inaugural Ballers,” the story of the...

Jan 10, 2023

“They were boys.“

David, Torie and Jamie ring in the new year with chatter about resolutions, reading’s health benefits and the incredible Robert Caro. They talk with Heidi Powell and Hope Harrod of An Open Book Foundation, a terrific DMV organization that connects students with authors, illustrators and their...