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Chatter on Books

Mar 28, 2023

“Time, being and perspective.”

Chatter rolls with a packed house as Angie Kim, Michael Kornheiser and Rodney Ferguson join David, Torie and Claude. Rodney’s just back from Senegal and updates the gang on his men’s book club. The countdown’s on for Angie’s new book “Happiness Falls,” out in September....

Mar 21, 2023


March madness is underway with Torie, David, and returning author (and secret sports fan) Ana Reyes. Chatter welcomes its youngest author, 10 year old Manny Jennings, author of “It’s OK to be Me.” It’s an inspiring book about how he stutters and how he lives his best life every day.  COB’s...

Mar 7, 2023


Chatter rolls into March with David, Torie and Jud Ashman. Jud debriefs the 2023 Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 20 with dozens of authors and hopefully a special Chatter on Books taping. David shares his Union Station Colleen Hoover experience, and they all marvel at her staying power. Four leaders of...