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Chatter on Books

May 7, 2024

Chatter rolls into May with David, Torie, and America’s favorite book festival founder Mayor Jud Ashman.  They rave about the Derby, bemoan the celebrification (is that a word?)) of sporting events, and claim to be good sports parents.  Jud debriefs on the  Gaithersburg Book Festival.  Over one hundred authors, events, and workshops – not to mention it’s free and offers free parking.  Chatter will be there at 12:15 pm with Anne Foster and "The Long War on Drugs".  Award winning and debut novelist  Elizabeth O'Connor  zooms in from across the pond to share  "Whale Fall".  Glowing reviews on both sides of the ocean applaud O’Connor’s care in writing the story of a young woman finding herself on a remote Welsh island.  We’d add compelling and evocative.