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Chatter on Books

Apr 30, 2024


Chatter rolls with David, Torie, Jamie, and Claude. Jamie’s just back from Costa Rica – a definite yes for travel.  They bid a fond farewell to the iconic Eddie Sands, father of David, Steve, and Michael and patriarch of the iconic Calvert Woodley Fine Wines and Spirits.  Joe Drape joins to debrief...

Apr 9, 2024

“You never know about tomorrow.”

Chatter rolls with Torie and COB’s favorite Mayor, Jud Ashman. The eclipse eclipses March Madness. Shout outs to Rob Dundon, Jake, and COB authors in Middleburg Books. They debate the funniest novels (sort of), and Jud briefs the May 18 Gaithersburg Book Festival.   Over a hundred...