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Chatter on Books

Nov 21, 2023

“Glamour bomb.“

Chatter’s annual family Thanksgiving show rolls with David, Torie, renaissance man Nevin Martell, and celebrity mixologist Rodney Ferguson. They catch up on book news as COB alums Ilyon Woo and David Von Drehele crush “best of 2023” lists. COB fave Karin Tanabe zooms in to share “The Sunset...

Nov 15, 2023

“They’re just the best.”

Chatter rolls with David, Torie, and her sister from another mother Liz Clarke. They agree no one really understands sign stealing.  Of course the Puritans were the first book banners! Dr. Jen Golbeck, creator of the Golden Ratio, and award winning writer Stacey Colino zoom in to share...

Nov 7, 2023

“Making it possible.“

Chatter rolls with Torie and Jamie as David cheers on his beloved American Eagles at their season opener. Torie and Jamie kick around some book news, sort of but mostly talk about gambling.  CIA military analyst Lena Andrews zooms in to share “Valiant Women: The extraordinary American...