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Chatter on Books

Apr 9, 2024

“You never know about tomorrow.”

Chatter rolls with Torie and COB’s favorite Mayor, Jud Ashman. The eclipse eclipses March Madness. Shout outs to Rob Dundon, Jake, and COB authors in Middleburg Books. They debate the funniest novels (sort of), and Jud briefs the May 18 Gaithersburg Book Festival.   Over a hundred...

Mar 26, 2024

“The book he was meant to write.”

Chatter rolls with David, Torie, and Jamie. March Madness rules and inspires book ideas. Torie spots COB authors in airports and on The Atlantic’s best novels list.  Best selling, award winning, and all around cool guy James Grady zooms in to share “The Smoke in Our Eyes.” ...

Mar 5, 2024

“Secrets that should be told.”

Chatter rolls in like a lion with David, Torie, Jamie, and special guest Ann Hornaday.  In addition to the usual, they’re talking about non-books things like Caitlin Clark – awesome.  Award winning Wash Post movie critic Ann Hornaday joins for Oscar buzz and what makes a good book...

Feb 13, 2024

“It’s really life lessons.”

Chatter rolls with David, Torie, and celebrity mixologist Rodney Ferguson.  They break down the Super Bowl and marvel at the life well lived by remarkable publisher (think “Jaws,: “The Exorcist,” and “Catcher in the Rye”).  Student of life and former Mafia associate Louis...

Feb 6, 2024

“Ferrari Brain”

Chatter rolls with Claude, Torie, and Jamie. They hope the best for King Charles, and Torie gets to rave about Pebble Beach.  The “most checked out books” includes “The Snowy Day,”  and Jamie’s all over it.  Prolific writer and book doctor Mark Wish zooms in to share his (according...