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Chatter on Books

Mar 5, 2024

“Secrets that should be told.”

Chatter rolls in like a lion with David, Torie, Jamie, and special guest Ann Hornaday.  In addition to the usual, they’re talking about non-books things like Caitlin Clark – awesome.  Award winning Wash Post movie critic Ann Hornaday joins for Oscar buzz and what makes a good book into a good movie (or not!).  NYT bestseller Liza Mundy zooms in to share “The Sisterhood,” her revelatory history of the role of women in the CIA.  With meticulous research and wonderful storytelling, Liza tells important stories unheard for too long.  As part of COB’s “Go Local,” she chats up her favorite libraries and independent bookstores.  DC’s MLK Library gets her nod for a Chatter on Books donation.